Clinician Investigator Training

Integrated Clinician Scientist Training: Proposed Program Theory and Logic Model

Ng E*, Jones AA*, Sivapragasam M*, Nath S, Mak LE, Rosenblum ND. (2019) The integration of clinical and research training: How and why MD-PhD programs work. Academic Medicine 94(5):664-70.

* co-primary

Clinician Scientist Training in Canada

Jones AA*, Ng E*, Deguise MO, Mak L, Ouyang B, Sivapragasam M, Macnairn I, Nath S, Benesch M, Forrest L, Wang X. (2016) MD/PhD training in Canada: Results from a national trainee and program director review. Clinical & Investigative Medicine 38(4):E132-9.

* co-primary